SaveWorld NFTs the Real World NFT

Save world from world war 3 all nfts minting money is giving to charity for war affected people's.

Check out collection on Opensea After The initial sale has sold out.

Road Map

April 2022

✅ Project Launched ✅ Marketing Campaign Launch 🔜 NFT Sale

June 2022

Launch our SWN Token. Airdop for SAVEWORLDNFT Holders in our Native Token.

July 2022

50% nft saling money is giving in charity for war eficted people. 50% locked for our native token (SWN).

September 2022

SWN Token listed on biggest exchange in the world.

December 2022

Launch (SaveWorld) Beta Test Play2Game.




Current Mint Price In (Matic)
PreSale Mint Price
Total SWNFT Supply
Percent done


Frequency Asked Questions

Save World NFT will be a collection of 5,000 NFTs.

5,000 SWNFTs will be available for public minting on 28 April 2022 – 12.00 UTC, Check Twitter and Discord for announcements.

70 Matic on Ploygon Network.

N0 any whitelist. Only Minting at 28 April.

Any ERC-20 Polygon based wallet. However, we highly recommend using a Metamask and Trustwallet wallet.

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